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Plywood is a board formed three or more layers of core veneer glued together, usually with grain of adjacent veneer running at right to each other. Our Plywood is bonded with Synthetic Resin as per standards of IS: 303 under controlled temperature and pressure with adequate timings to obtain unmatched bonding. Each batch of resin is tested for water resistance and other characteristics to ascertain that each panel bonded and borer chemical, which are used for the manufacturing of Plywood. with. All the veneers are treated with anti termite
At Compact we make plywood in two different grades-
Moisture resistant, known as MR Grade
Boiling water resistant, known as PF Grade
Both the grades can be used interior and exterior woodworking application. Our plywood can be used in any application that needs high quality sheet material as it always comes with extra layers of core veneers because of which the Glue shear strength becomes much better than any other plywood available in market. It comes with unmatchable quality which is free from cracking, shrinking, twisting and warping.

Suggested uses